Our Head Bastard Brewer has been working hard to bring some Wicked new beers your way!

Before we tell you about the different brews in our expanded Bastard range, a word of explanation for our international drinkers.  For us Aussies, particularly the salty sea-dogs and sunburnt outback folk, the ol’ bastard is usually one of your best, oldest or trustiest mates.  The poor bastard is a like-wise good bloke a little down on his luck, deserving of a drink on the house.  It’s pretty much always a term of endearment, and we certainly gave up giving a toss about babies being born to unmarried crew a very long time ago!

So, without further ado, introducing our Bastard range!

Easy Bastard – Mid
With its inviting laid back golden hue and a low flying ABV the easy Bastard is the easy-going beer for the days you need to put back a few. It packs a beautiful hop aroma of stone fruit, passion fruit and citrus guaranteeing to refresh your pallet. Unlike its brother the Fastidious Bastard, Easy’s a big softy with a smooth mouthfeel leaving your taste buds hungering for more.

Inconsiderate Bastard – DIPA
A beer that embraces the Wicked Elf attitude, it’ll you in the mouth with no apologies! Rammed with hops the first gulp of this dank, resinous DIPA will leave you shell-shocked. Boasting tropical fruits, citrus and pine on the nose, this beer is not for the faint-hearted.

Hazy Bastard NEIPA
The damn cool bastard all the kids are lusting after. This juiced-up haze monster slows down time and heats up the mod.  With its soft, juice mouthfeel, we’ve thrown bitterness out the window in favour of heavy tropical, grapefruit, lime and strawberry aromas. This Hazy Bastard is a must for everyones frosty pint glass.

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