So, who is Wicked Elf?

Together, we’re a band of like-minded beer lovers, passionate about our pristine coast and the quality of life and dedication to craft that comes with it.

Over the past ten years, our hands-down classy beers have spoken for themselves, gathering a loyal following here by the NSW Pacific waters and the respect of 150-odd national and overseas awards. But we’re not here to boast, just to share the word. It all comes down to premium ingredients, finely honed recipes and brewers who know what’s what – and that’s what makes an authentic craft beer something to behold.

The beer world is a better world since the rise of independent breweries dedicated to deliciousness. In other words, rebels against same-same gear with cheap bulk ingredients churned out by a few big corporations. Luckily times have changed, and Aussie drinkers have incredible choice at their fridge-reaching fingertips!

Where can I find Wicked Elf?

The Wicked Elf range is built on deep, refreshing flavours from the best local and international ingredients. From crisp Kolsch or cool pilsner, to lip-lickin’ hoppy pales and a robust porter, our core range has something for everyone. And for those who like to take things a little left-of-centre, we often mix it up with seasonal specials and small-batch experiments, (you’ll need to visit our cellar door to try these!) as well as new lines.

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