Have you noticed that recently more and more craft beers are available in cans? Seems like they’re overtaking stubbies in all the good independent bottle-o’s! The demand for cans has been a major turnaround in the beer industry. Whereas once upon a time only legit good brews were sold in glass, consumer attitudes have changed. They’re asking for something that not only looks awesome and tastes great but is also a step up for the environment.

We’re really proud of launching our range in cans. Depending on the way you go about storing your beers, cans often mean that the brew stays fresher for longer, especially if they’re not pasteurised, which generally craft beer is not. If you are dedicated to bottles, all good, just make sure that you keep them out of the sunlight, which can penetrate glass and possibly damage your hard-earned drink!

For some, cans are more convenient. They’re lighter, more fit in the Esky and you’ve got minimal chance of breakage when packing the car for camping or spending the day around the pool. They’re also even better than glass for recycling, using less energy in the process and producing a just as high-quality product next time around. Some say that it just tastes different, bottled beer versus canned. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t – but the great thing is, with Wicked Elf, you don’t have to choose.

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